Five Floral And Foliage Borders To Enhance Your Home’s Landscaping

Whether you want to add detail to your property, hide inherent imperfections with the turf, or camouflage your home's foundation, a border is an excellent and very-natural way to achieve this. The options are endless when it comes to different types of borders, from flowering to foliage, seasonal to year-round. Depending on your distinct needs and preferences, the right border can give the property a manicured, landscaped look on practically any budget.

Some borders to consider for your green-space include the following:

Green foliage borders

Green foliage borders work well in shady spots or when you are looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance type of landscaping feature. Try mixing up the size, texture, and type of foliage that you meld together in your border for an intricate, yet versatile, display. Some plants to try? Check out pale green Ostrich feather fern, spikey Yucca, or finely textured Mondo grass.

Flowering borders

The fun in flowering borders comes from the ability to change-it-up frequently, and always have something different blooming in the yard. These borders may be most suited to the corners of your property, wherever the sun is most full, to accommodate the widest range of flowers. Some low maintenance borders include Border pinks, red-hot poker, and blue Marguerite daisies.

Fall floral borders

Fall floral borders are particularly easy to grow due to their resilience and late bloom. Plant your borders in the spring for autumnal peak, providing the plants with average sun, light shade, and adequate soil conditions. Some beautiful elements for your fall border might include yellow Winter daffodils, pink and red Nerine, and purple Heather.

Spring floral borders

Create a soft and welcoming mood in your yard with a spring floral border around your yard, home, or garden space. Choose muted colors for shady spots, and provide rich soil that is quite moist for optimal spread and growth. Some great options for a spring display include the blue Iris, yellow Trout lily, and pastel-colored daffodils.

Shrub borders

Shrubs make an easy, attractive border that requires little attention or maintenance. These hardy plants can provide an aesthetic appeal to your property year-round, often yielding blossoms or berries that bring a pop of color to your green-space. Some shrubs to consider for your border include Hibiscus, Winter hazel, and English boxwood.

Borders bring a bit of color and texture to any yard, and can work wonders in a simple or ordinary green-space. These ideas are also perfect for anyone who enjoys gardening but that lacks the space or time to do anything too elaborate. Add some flair to your home's curb appeal with any of these border suggestions. To find more information, contact a business like Quality Tree Service And Landscape Maintenance.