Spruce Up Your Yard And Green-Space With Lawn Edging

The best time to plan on edging your lawn or green-space is in the spring, when the ground is soft and easy to dig. After you have reshaped or formed your garden beds in the summer, plant to install your edging. Keep an eye on new edging after heavy rain, and re-edge or repair in the fall after the last mowing of the season.

Some different types of lawn edging to consider include the following suggestions:


Stone edging is very popular and perfectly-suited to most homes and properties. Stone provides a durable, easy to install edging, however it can be rather heavy and tricky to install without assistance.


Plastic edging costs very little and can be extremely easy for homeowners to install, but it may lack durability over time. You may need to reinforce plastic edging periodically to ensure it doesn't tilt or sag.


Metal lawn edging is durable and easy-to-use, and priced a bit higher than other varieties. Metal bends with ease and is found widely, yet it does have to be treated and protected from rust before using.


Masonry edging, such as form concrete or cement, is appealing to the eye and very durable, yet may be priced higher due to the difficulty with installation. Contact a masonry contractor to find out the costs to implement this versatile and long-lasting edging on your property.


Wood edging is an inexpensive option that offers buyers a wide range of styles, colors, and price-points to choose from. Wood is easy to work with and readily available, but needs to be protected against the potential for rot.


There are some other attractive alternatives when looking at lawn edging, including timbers and ties, which often require professional installation due to the sheer weight and bulkiness of the material. These bring a rustic charm to the yard, but may be quite expensive to purchase if you don't have any laying around your property that you can recycle.

Treat edging with care after you have taken the time and effort to install it, and trim around edging by hand rather than with a power-trimmer at first. Also, don't try to install or repair edging after a heavy rain as the ground could be swollen which will impact the edging later on.

Give your lawn and green-space a polished finish with edging that complements the curb appeal of your home, adding a fine finishing touch to your property. For more information, contact a business like Outdoor Service Inc.