Build A Faux Island In Your Backyard

If you are someone who likes the idea of a private island, but don't have the money to purchase a real one, you might think that you're out of luck. But depending on the size of your backyard, you can create your own island. Whether you're going to use it as a place to escape or as a beautiful floral centerpiece for your yard, building an island is not as difficult as it seems. This guide explains the steps needed to make your own island a reality.

Step 1: Choose the Location

Walk around your backyard and choose the area you feel is the best spot for the island. Use bricks or rocks to outline the area. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle, because most islands are not perfectly symmetrical.

Step 2: Obtain the Needed Materials

You'll need many items to complete this task. Some of them include:

  • a tiller (rented)
  • spray paint
  • a shovel
  • rake
  • river rock
  • cloth weed barrier
  • your choice of trees and flowers
  • your choice of outdoor furniture
  • scissors
  • a wheelbarrow
  • gardening gloves
  • landscape bridge
  • hand shovel

Step 3: Dig a Trench

Shake the can of spray paint well and then spray it on the ground, where the bricks or rocks are, once you have determined the exact location.

Wait for the paint to dry and then use the tiller to dig up the ground where you painted. Make sure that the trench is not as wide as the bridge is long.

Put on your gardening gloves and use the shovel and rake to remove the grass, weeds and extra dirt. You can use these in your compost pile or in another area of your lawn that might need built up a little.

Step 4: Lay Down the Weed Barrier

Unroll or unfold the weed barrier and lay it into the trench that you dug. Use the scissors to cut the barrier so that it is the same width as the trench. Work your way around the entire perimeter of your island until the all the dirt is covered.

Step 5: Pour in the Rock

Open the bags of river rock and pour them into the wheelbarrow. Working your way around your island, shovel the rocks in place, on top of the weed barrier.

Step 6: Set Up the Bridge

Place the bridge in the desired area. Try to choose a location where you can easily access it to walk across to the island.

Step 7: Plant the Plants and Flowers

Carry the plants and flowers to the island and plant them using the hand shovel.

Step 8: Set Up the Furniture

Place the outdoor furniture in your desired location. Try to choose place where there is ample shade from the plants to provide a peaceful relaxing spot.

Consideration: For a more realistic island, purchase some sand and place it along the edge of the island.

Take your time when planning where your island will be and the type of plants, flowers and furniture you'll place on the island. Much of this depends on the size of the island and your personal tastes. Ask your landscape designer for help if you run into any issues with these steps. Contact a company like Waynesboro Nurseries Inc for more ideas.