Irrigation System Leaks May Be Behind Your Difficult Gardening Experiences

If you've just finished your major landscaping and garden planting for spring, you know that creating the right growing environment can be a delicate process. But if you've had a difficult time getting your garden to thrive, it might not be due to your planning -- it could be due to your supplies, particularly of water. An irrigation system leak or blockage can really affect how well plants do, potentially drowning or dehydrating them and making gardening more of a chore than a pleasant pastime.

Precise Needs

If you've set up drip irrigation or installed an underground sprinkler system, those systems have to deliver a certain amount of water each day or week in order to keep the plants healthy. Too much water and the plants can drown or develop fungal infections; too little water and the plants can dehydrate or attract bugs, especially as the plant dries out and starts to die.

Imprecise Delivery

If your irrigation system develops a leak, plants near the leak will receive too much water, while those further down the line or pipe might not receive enough, depending on how much is leaking out. Remember that a leak will not always look like a geyser or obvious puddle of water; sometimes the water can leak just enough to make the soil a little too soggy -- too much for the plants, but not enough for you to notice immediately.

A blockage can have an equally bad effect, preventing water from getting past a certain point in the pipe or hose. Sometimes that means a complete cutoff, but other times it means that the water supply is reduced just enough to make the plant weaker than it should be.

Problems Repaired

So don't immediately blame your gardening skills if things take a turn for the worse with your landscaping. Call in an irrigation repair company and have the workers take a look at the whole system. They can compare water flow rate and pattern to see if there are any indications that something has changed the water flow mid-pipe. The causes can be anything from a tear from a rock in a drip-irrigation hose to a tree root working its way into a sprinkler pipe. Once the cause is found, the company can repair the line and get the flow rate back to normal.

Having something go wrong with your irrigation system is never welcome, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult to fix. With help from the right irrigation repair company like Davidson's Landscape Service, Inc., you can get your garden and landscaping back to a healthy state.