Got Some Old Tires? Make Outdoor Seating With Them!

If you're about to have the tires on your vehicle changed, don't throw out the old tires. Repurpose them into useful items for the backyard. Because there is always the need for more seating, using old tires is a great idea that won't take long to implement. This guide provides the steps needed to repurpose your tires into seats, while adding a pop of color to your landscape at the same time.

Step 1: Measure the Tire

Grab your tape measure to obtain the diameter of the tire. You'll need this measurement when you purchase your supplies.

Step 2: Purchase the Needed Materials

To begin making seats with old tires, decide how tall you want the seats. You'll need two to three tires for each seat. Go to your local home improvement store and ask them to cut a circular piece of wood using the diameter measurements of the tires. Then, grab these items to complete the project:

  • epoxy spray paint (your choice of color)
  • spray primer
  • tarp
  • a garden hose
  • a bucket
  • a large sponge
  • dish detergent
  • a cushion the same diameter of the board (your choice of design and color)
  • Velcro

Step 3: Clean the Tires

Fill the bucket with water, and add a little dish detergent.

Attach the garden hose to the spigot, and turn the water on. Soak the tires with the water.

Dip the large sponge in the bucket, and scrub the outside of the tires.

Rinse the soap off with the hose, and leave the tires in the sun to dry.

Step 4: Prime the Tires

Lay the tarp down in a well-ventilated area and place the tires on it. Shake up the can of primer, and spray the tires with it. Make sure you get the sides of the tires as well.

Allow the tires to dry, and then prime the other side.

Step 5: Paint the Tires

Following step four, paint the tires. Once the paint is dry, add another coat if you desire a more pronounced color.

Step 6: Attach the Cushion

Once the paint is dry, stack the tires by attaching one side of the Velcro to the top of one tire and the other portion to the bottom of another. Line up the Velcro pieces, and press down on the tires so the Velcro gets a good grip.

Attach the cushion to the round board with the Velcro in the same manner you attached the tires.

Place another piece of Velcro to the bottom of the board and the top of the highest tire and attach.

When you've finished these steps, you'll have a seat that's versatile as well as unique. Use this seat for adults, or remove a tire or two for small children. Contact a landcaping contractor, such as Woodland Landscaping & Concrete LLC, if you wish to add additional new elements to your yard.