How To Clean Up Your Home’s Exterior In Spring (And Save Work In The Summer)

Cleaning up your yard after the last gasps of winter might seem like a full load -- after all, you have to focus on making sure that everything looks good for the picnics and parties that the warmer months bring -- but you might want to keep an eye on the future when you're revving up the protesting lawn mower and cleaning out the gutters. If you're looking for a way to get your home ready for spring and to save some work in the summer at the same time, then here are a few tips to get everything looking good -- and staying that way.

Tip #1: Mind the Gutter

A clean gutter is a happy gutter -- but too often a clean gutter means a dirty and unhappy homeowner. To cut this problem, try installing a gutter guard after you finish spraying and scrubbing the gutter today. This will ensure that the gutter stays blockage-free during summer storms, and will let you have more time for hosing down a slip-and-slide than the drainage pipes outside your home.

Tip #2: Prevent Weeds

Weeding in the springtime is no fun -- but weeding during the dog days of summer can be even worse, when you're just asking for a sunburn on your neck with a side of heat stroke. In order to mitigate this, pluck any weeds now, while the soil isn't baking under the hot summer sun and the roots are shallow and thin. After than, spread or spray a weed preventer on your flower beds to make sure that any weeds that might grow in don't. This ounce of prevention will keep you from pulling thick, ugly weeds in July and give you more time to cultivate your garden.

Tip #3: Prune Bushes

Taking out the pruning shears before Memorial Day might feel a bit odd to you, but go for it anyway -- there are lots of benefits to early pruning, not the least of which being that you won't have to prune later. Besides keeping your summers free, pruning in the spring encourages bushes and trees to blossom and start producing flowers and/or fruit earlier, which means a prettier and more fragrant yard for you. It also helps to keep your landscaping look tidy and purposeful, and dissuades the growth of mold or disease in your plant. All in all, pruning in the spring leads to happier, healthier, and more manageable plants during the summer.

It's possible your yard might have fallen into severe disrepair and that these small tips may not be sufficient to help bring it back to life. If you find yourself in this position, it's best to contact C S Flournoy Inc or another local gardening company.