3 Types Of Rock To Incorporate In Your Landscape Design

Many home owners take a significant amount of pride in the appearance of their yard. Since your yard gives guests the opportunity to preview your design preferences, a well-thought-out landscape design is a must. When it comes to creating unique landscapes, incorporating rock into your design can be a great idea.

Here are three types of rock you should consider including in your landscape design in the future.

1. River Rock

Do you love the way stream beds look, but you don't want the added hassle of caring for a water feature in your yard? Then incorporating some river rock into your design could be a good alternative. Using river rock to create a dry stream bed allows you to achieve the meandering look of water feature, without the added cost of upkeep these water features require.

The key to achieving a natural look when using river rock in your landscaping is to utilize a variety of stone sizes. Mother Nature doesn't discriminate when it comes to the stones found in natural stream beds, and by using stones that are between 2 and 8 inches in length, you can duplicate these natural stream beds in your own yard.

2. Mexican Beach Pebbles

Many home owners incorporate colorful flowers into their landscape design, but fail to realize that using Mexican beach pebbles around their garden beds could help these colors pop. Tumbled smooth by the sea, Mexican beach pebbles lend a sophisticated vibe to any outdoor area.

With the most common color being black, these types of rocks are perfect for inclusion in Zen landscapes. As an added bonus, these pebbles make the perfect weed-free mulch. Mexican beach pebbles won't harbor insects or deteriorate over time, which makes them a wise investment to replace the existing mulch in your landscape design.

3. Boulders

When a more striking design is what you have in mind for your outdoor living space, the inclusion of boulders can be beneficial. Since boulders are so large, just a few can make a bold statement in your yard.

When buying boulders, it's best to source your rock locally. Not only will this cut down on transportation costs, but local rocks will help your landscape blend more seamlessly with the existing natural surroundings. You can also add more drama without raising your price tag by opting to group several small boulders together rather than purchasing one large rock. These smaller boulders are more affordable, and allow you to add depth to your landscape design.

Incorporating rock into your landscape design can help you add interest to your yard. By using river rock, Mexican beach pebbles, and boulders properly, you are sure to create an outdoor living space where your guests will feel welcome. For assistance, talk to a professional like Bopst Trucking.