Creative Ways To Add A Wall To Your Landscape

Does your yard require a retaining wall? Perhaps you're looking for a hardscape update to your garden. A wall in your garden can be an attractive feature that enhances the overall beauty of your landscaping.

Herb Garden

An herb garden is typically small, and it can get lost in your general landscaping. If you add the hardscape feature of a small wall to encompass the herb garden, though, you have a mini garden focal point. Consider utilizing local stone to make the garden look like a natural outcropping of your yard.

Extra Seating

Need a retaining wall for a sloped yard? Consider transforming it into extra seating. Have the wall built out of brick or paving stones and widened at the top for seating. Alternatively, have a section of the wall cut out, and insert a wooden bench. In fact, transform the area into a destination with flowers and a decorative tree for light shade.

Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is a natural way to add a wall to your landscaping. Contractors use a series of flat stones and dry stack them, which allows water to drain through. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a stacked stone wall also affords you space for rock garden plants such as sedum and irises.

Espalier Wall

Speaking of plants and walls, a very attractive hardscape feature for your yard is espalier.  Have a wall constructed of timber or stone in an area where you want privacy. Plant trailing flowers such as honeysuckle, rose or bougainvillea at the base, and secure them up the wall. It takes a little time for the plants to settle in, but you'll eventually have a living wall.

Terraced Yard

If you've got a steep slope to your yard, you automatically need retaining walls for any landscaping plans. Consider transforming your yard into a series of terraces. Have the retaining walls constructed of brick or another material cohesive with your home's design. Treat each terrace as a mini garden, planting attractive flowers, hardy plants and even decorative trees. If the terraces are wide enough, you can even add seating.


If you're looking to add some art and whimsy to your yard, consider having a mural installed. The wall itself can function either as a retaining wall or a simple barrier. Make it more attractive by having contractors dye the concrete and create a picture. Alternatively, have the wall tiled over with an artistic mosaic. Such a wall becomes an instant centerpiece of your yard.

Adding a wall to your yard can enhance an herb garden, serve as an artistic centerpiece or even provide extra seating. Contact a company like Michael's Landscape Design to learn more about your hardscape options.