3 Tips for Landscaping the Energy Efficient Way

During the summer months, your energy costs can increase as you and your household rely on air conditioning to keep everyone cool. In addition to the measures you are taking to keep your bills low, there are ways you can make your home's exterior more energy efficient. Here are some tips for landscaping while practicing energy efficiency.

Strategically Plant Trees

When you are ready to plant new trees in your yard, consider planting some near your home. The more trees that are in the immediate area of your home, the less sun there is beating down on your home. As a result, your home will naturally be cooler and your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Planting trees in prime positions near your home also has an added benefit. The shade from the trees will help to prevent your furnishings from fading when your curtains are open. This means more time before you have to replace faded items, such as your carpeting and sofa. 

Calculate Your Water Usage

In addition to trying to save on your energy costs, you can incorporate ways to save on water usage in your yard. Your lawn, trees, and shrubs can take in a lot of water during the summer months as you use sprinklers to try and keep them hydrated. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to over-water their trees and other foliage and end up with higher-than-usual water bills and plants that are suffering from over-saturation. 

Consult with your landscaper to calculate how much water is necessary to properly hydrate the greenery that is in your yard. The landscaper can even help you choose greenery that is less dependent on water so that you can not only have a nice-looking lawn, but also save on water usage. 

Use Bark for Walkways

One good way that you can focus on conserving energy and water usage is to use bark or woodchips to help form your walkways. If your walkways are exposed to a lot of sunlight, they can soak in that energy and cause your yard to seem hotter than usual. This can not only impact your greenery, but also your home. The heat pushing in from outside your home can lead to higher energy bills as you rely on the air conditioning more. The bark helps to keep your walkways and yard cool. 

Your landscaping contractor. one like Maddox Garden Center & Landscaping, Inc., can help you find other ways to save on energy-related costs through smart designing.