Keeping Your Lawn Green During Extreme Water Conservation

If you live in a part of the country where a drought might lead to water restrictions, this is bound to affect your lawn care. If you can get ahead of the game with a lawn that can handle extreme measures, this won't kill be as harsh to your yard and landscape. Here are four water-saving landscape design tips when it comes to lawn care.

1. Grasses Aren't All the Same

If you are upgrading your lawn or might be starting from scratch, sourcing heartier grasses that can withstand the heat is a good idea. A mix of different types of grasses, including those that might be considered weeds, can keep your lawn green even during the summer months. Don't try to kill or pull clover and dandelions-- these will look like grass when trimmed and will keep your lawn's overall appearance greener.

2. Diversify Your Landscape

Your yard doesn't need to look like a golf course. Incorporate other landscaping designs into your yard. Mulched pathways will be easier to maintain and will cut back on overall grassy areas. If there are spaces in your yard that you can turn into rock gardens or patios, you can then focus more on maintaining a smaller yard area. If your yard is primarily all lawn, it is going to be hard to keep it green during drought season.

3. Keep Your Lawn a Little Longer

If you keep your lawn short with mowing, it can be harder for your grass to recover. A longer lawn will give your grass time to develop roots. This will also provide more coverage to the base of grasses keeping any hydration locked into the soil longer.

4. Get Creative With Water

When you do mow, leave grass clippings on your yard so that it can soak in any excess moisture. Reuse water from fish tanks and cooking on stubborn parts of your lawn. Be sure to save up any rainfall that you can in bins that you can use later on in the year when water might not be as abundant.

If you are in an area that might be facing a drought, work with your landscaper to try to find the best grasses to keep your lawn looking green even when scheduled watering might be off the table. Lawn care starts with the right type of grass and making sure your landscape design can be maintained. For more alternative lawn design ideas, contact a company like All Season Landscaping.