Caring For Your Lawn With Pride Without Spending Your Life Outside

If you have an expansive lawn, you may find that it takes you several hours each week to care for it properly. There are several steps you can take to cut this time down to a more tolerable level while getting a lush, green lawn in the process. Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your lawn treatment routine to save you time in the care you will need to do to keep it looking its best.

Ditch The Push Mower

If your lawn is larger than an acre in size, a ride-on lawnmower or lawn tractor is definitely the way to go. It will save you time, as the speed of even a small ride-on mower is faster than using a push mower due to the larger area the width of the mower will cut at one time. You will not need to worry about overexerting yourself or becoming dehydrated due to excessive perspiration like you would when pushing around a mower in the blazing sun. Simply hop into the seat and guide the mower back and forth across your property. If you opt for a lawn tractor, you will have the added benefit of being able to place a snow plow on the front to help you during inclement weather.

Invest In An Irrigation System

Grass needs plenty of water to grow properly and can easily start to brown in harsh conditions or in times where rainwater is not present. To avoid a crispy lawn, you need to keep it hydrated. Many people walk back and forth with a garden hose watering areas that appear dried out. With a large lawn, this is not feasible or an effective way to use your time. Sprinklers will help a bit, but with larger yards they will not hydrate every area that needs help. 

Consider placing sprinkler systems throughout your property to keep your grass growing uniformly from within your home. Computerized programs can be tweaked to water only certain portions of your property with the click of your mouse. You will have access to maps of your property showing which areas are in need of hydration. You will also be able to pre-program a timer to water your lawn at intervals you specify.

Hire Some Help

If you wish to have a nicely cut and manicured lawn year-round, hiring a landscaping or lawn care service to do the work for you will leave you with a lawn your neighbors will be jealous of. They will be able to mow your lawn with ease and do some additional services to keep it healthy, such as administer pest control, weed overgrown areas, add fertilizer and other tasks you may not wish to do yourself. They have the expertise to give you a great looking yard without you having to go outside at all.