Picking A Privacy Shrub Based On Your Family’s Needs

If you want to increase the privacy of your home without putting up a fence reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, then planting some dense, fast-growing shrubs and trees is for you. This mode of action gives you all the privacy of a fence, doesn't alienate your neighbors, and serves to beautify your yard with some fresh new greenery. Here are the five best shrubs and trees to plant if you want some extra beauty and privacy in your yard, each with a distinct characteristic or two to separate it from the pack. 


A forsythia bush is one of the most common choices for a privacy bush since they grow quickly and produce beautiful yellow flowers in the spring. In fact, forsythia can grow up to two feet in a single year, which means you can get some privacy in a hurry if you want quick results. 

Red Twig Dogwood

If there's a long winter where you live, then the red twig dogwood is for you. Broad, green leaves in the spring and summer give way to bright red branches in the winter for year-round beauty. Also, the red twig dogwood is very low-maintenance, only requiring pruning every three years if you so desire. 

Nellie Stevens Holly

This type of shrub is perhaps the most dense on this list, and is a perfect choice for homeowners that just want some privacy, plain and simple. This type of holly can grow to pretty much any height you want (up to 20 feet high), making it perfect for dialing in your level of privacy and working the shrub into your landscape scheme. 


Chances are, if you ever walk by a dense, low, razor-sharp row of hedges, you're looking at boxwood. This little shrub takes very well to constant pruning, meaning you can dial in the perfect shape and size for your yard. This also means that you can keep this shrub to tight designs that befit a modern-looking yard. If you want to go to the next level with your landscaping, try taking up topiary to produce shapes like lollipops, spirals, or even chess pieces. 


If you've got kids, honeysuckle is the way to go for a great privacy shrub. The tiny white flowers produced by honeysuckle contain a tiny bit of honey-like nectar that kids can try a taste of on a hot summer day. This nectar isn't just for you and your kids though, since honeysuckle also attracts birds, bees, and other bugs to produce a veritable animal sanctuary in your own backyard. 

To find out more about putting up privacy shrubs or other landscaping features on your property, contact Design Scapes of Manasota Inc or other landscapers near you.