The Advantages of Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers are an alternative outdoor hardscaping material that can be used in place of more traditional concrete and asphalt in order to create patios, walkways, and even driveways. Because of their unique material qualities, rubber pavers carry a distinctive set of advantages with them. Understanding what rubber pavers have to offer can help you decide if they are the right choice for your outdoor hardscaping needs.

Low Maintenance

Unlike stone and concrete, rubber pavers do not need to be sealed to ensure that they remain in good shape over time. This is because rubber is a non-absorbent material. Water will not seep into it and freeze, cause cracks, or promote mold growth. This also means that rubber pavers are much easier to clean then other types of materials, as they can simply be pressure washed or scrubbed down by hand to remove caked-on dirt and other debris. This ease of cleaning and lack of staining can help reduce your long-term costs and time commitments.

Environmentally Friendly

Rubber pavers can be made out of recycled materials. While not every brand or model of rubber pavers is recycled, you can easily find a variant that is. This helps reduce your environmental impact and make your yard or project greener. Furthermore, when it's time to replace your pavers, you can simply recycle them instead of throwing them out as you would would with other materials.


Rubber pavers are an extremely safe building material. Not only is rubber slip resistant, helping to prevent unexpected falls, it is also softer than more traditional types of pavers, such as concrete or natural stone, which means that if you do end up falling on it, you are much less likely to actually injure yourself. This makes rubber pavers ideal for playground installation and other areas where small children engage in a great deal of activity. Additionally, their soft surface means that rubber pavers will not crack or split when heavy objects fall on them, as the shock will simply be absorbed.

Weather Resistance

Rubber pavers are highly resistant to the wear and tear associated with outdoor use. Their nonabsorbent quality means that they can withstand the springtime rains and snowmelts without cracking or eroding due to water exposure. Furthermore, rubber will not soften to the same extent that asphalt will in the summer months, and this reduces the likelihood of an uneven surface developing. 

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