How To Keep Your Sprinkler Heads From Getting Destroyed

Once you have made the investment to have a sprinkler system in your yard, you will need to take some precautions regarding the sprinkler heads. They can break easily, either from too much pressure upon them, or from brute force when they are up and sprinkling water. While a sprinkler head will break every once in awhile, you can take some steps to avoid needing this repair on your system on a regular basis. 

Look Carefully at the Map Provided by Your Sprinkler Company

When your sprinklers are installed, the company will provide you with a map to indicate where all of your sprinkler heads are. You should look carefully at this map, especially for sprinkler heads near your driveway. If you have the need to turn around on your lawn from your driveway, you should know where any sprinkler heads are located to avoid driving over them.

Don't Allow People to Drive on Your Lawn

While you may need to turn around once in awhile, remind guests that you have a sprinkler system and to avoid driving on the lawn at all times. This may seem basic, but you would be surprised how many sprinkler heads get destroyed from guests driving across the lawn.

Mow Your Lawn with Caution

If you use a riding lawn mower, once again you need to look at the map of sprinkler heads while mowing your lawn. Better yet, mow your lawn a few times with the sprinkler heads up so you know exactly where they are. Once you put the sprinkler heads back down, there will be areas of your lawn that are higher where you avoided the heads. Use a weed whacker on these areas until you learn where your sprinkler heads are.

Don't Allow Children to Play in Your Engaged Sprinklers

While it might be fun to allow your children to run through your sprinklers on a hot day, you have to remember that children can easily break a sprinkler head. If it's really hot out, you might want to take your chances but remind the children that they shouldn't go anywhere near the sprinklers or they will break. A solid hit in the right place, and a sprinkler head can easily snap right off.

When you have invested in a quality sprinkler system for your yard, you want to make sure that you don't have to deal with unnecessary repairs. Know where the sprinkler heads are and try to avoid running over them while mowing the lawn or turning around. Contact a business, such as USA Hoich Irrigation, for more information.