Top 3 Signs You Need to Remove a Tree

Have you recently acquired a property with a large tree upon it? Are you trying to decide whether to keep the tree or have it removed? Large trees can be beautiful, but they can also be hazardous. Even the most desirable trees can eventually become undesirable. Here are some of the most important signs that your tree needs to be removed:

Termites: If you have seen termites in your tree, that's a sign that your tree may be unhealthy. Termites don't eat healthy trees, so you should definitely be concerned if you find an active infestation in a tree that otherwise looks healthy. If it's just one or two branches, you may be able to have those removed, and then the tree will be fine. However, there's also a good chance that you'll need to have a tree-removal service take out the entire tree. For a tree infested with termites, you will want the opinions of both your local pest-control expert and someone knowledgeable about trees. 

Hollows: During storms, branches may break off of the tree. This can be perfectly normal. But sometimes those breaking branches will reveal an empty hollow space within the tree. This can be a very bad sign. There may have been an active termite infestation that partially hollowed out the tree, or there may be other reasons why the tree started to rot on the inside. Whatever the case, a hollow tree can be a weakened tree. You'll need the opinion of an expert to help you determine whether you'll need to call a tree-removal service to handle the tree or can leave the tree standing for a while longer.

Closeness to house: People may sometimes plant trees next to a house without realizing exactly how big a particular species can grow. This may be fine for a decade or more, but the tree will slowly grow in size to where it begins to threaten part of the home. A tree that is extremely close to the house will be unable to fully spread its roots, potentially weakening the tree and causing it to topple during a heavy storm. If the tree is close, but not right up against the house, the tree's branches may threaten windows, gutters, and shingles. If any of the tree's branches look like they might rub against the house, they'll need to be removed. If the tree is close enough to the house that you could stand inside and touch the tree if there was a window nearby, then you probably need to have a tree-removal service such as Treetime Inc cut the tree down before it causes any serious damage.