Want To Have Color In Your Yard This Fall? A Tree And Flowers You Should Consider

Just because it is fall does not mean you cannot have color in your yard. There are trees you can plant that have colorful bark, as well as flowers that flourish in the cool fall weather. Below is information about one tree, as well as some flowers so you can decide what you would like best for your yard.

A Tree with Colorful Bark

The rainbow eucalyptus tree looks like a living rainbow with its beautiful, colorful bark. This tree cannot handle cold temperatures so it grows best in states like Florida, southern California, Hawaii, and Texas. You can find this tree in Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Philippines where it thrives in the warm weather and tropical forests that receive a lot of rain.

This tree can grow up to 250 feet tall in its native surroundings. In the United States it will grow approximately half this height. This tree loves water so if you do not get a lot of rainfall, make sure you water it yourself and do not let the soil dry out.

The bark on this tree will show vertical colors of gray, blue, green, and orange as it goes through its peeling process.

Colorful Flowers

There are also many colorful flowers that will give you color up until the first frost. The mum is a common flower you will see growing in the fall season. If you will be planting this flower near pumpkins for fall decoration choose colors like yellow, bronze, creamy white and orange. If not, you can choose colors of bright pink, lavender and red. You will see mums in beautiful containers in the fall, or you can plant them in the ground. No matter how they are planted, they need to be in full sun with well-drained soil. Mums love water so if you do not get enough rain, water them yourself. If you ever start to see the leaves wilt, water the plant quickly.

Pansies are another flower that will give you constant color in the fall. You will find them in a variety of colors from white to bright lavender. They grow low to the ground much like a petunia and work great in containers. These plants grow best in cooler temperatures with well-drained soil.  Keep the pansies watered at all times and use an all-purpose fertilizer when you first plant them.

Visit a garden center in your area to learn more about these flowers.  You may also want to consider hiring a tree service like Arborcare Tree Service to help you stay on top of caring for your tree.