Tired Of Mowing? 3 Types Of Artificial Turf And Tips On Maintaining The Turf You Choose

If you are tired of mowing your yard, you should consider installing artificial turf. This will save you a lot of time, and the turf looks like perfectly maintained grass. Below are three types of artificial turf you will find, as well as tips on maintaining the turf that you choose to install for your yard.

Types of Artificial Turf

When you start shopping you will find there are different types of artificial turf grass available. One of these types is nylon. Nylon artificial turf has very stiff blades and is strong. This means this turf will hold its shape even under heavy foot traffic. Nylon also holds up well with high temperatures, which makes this the perfect grass for you if you live in the southern states. You will find this type of artificial turf is more expensive when compared to other types, however.

Another type of artificial turf is polypropylene. This type is the least expensive available. The grass has a finer texture as well. You will find that this turf is not as durable when compared to other types and does not hold up well in heat. Over time, the grass blades will start to change shape, so if there will be high foot traffic this type of turf would not be a good choice.

Polyethylene artificial turf is another type available. This type works well as it looks the most like real grass. This makes this the most popular choice for residential properties. The artificial turf feels soft when you touch it, but the turf is durable and resilient.

Maintaining Artificial Turf

How you maintain your artificial turf will depend on the type that you have. Still, there are some maintenance tips that apply to all artificial turf.

One of the main things you should do is to keep the artificial turf clean. This is especially true after you have had heavy rain or bad thunderstorms. In order to do this, use a garden hose. For high traffic areas, brush the artificial grass. You need to use a brush that is made specifically for artificial turf.

If you have stains on the grass, use a stain remover that is made for artificial turf. If you have pet feces or urine on the turf, let the feces harden and then remove it. Urine will soak through the grass, but if there is a smell, spray the area with cool water.

Hire a landscape contractor to learn much more about how to care for your artificial turf. The landscape contractor may also be able to install the turf for you, or the company where you purchase the turf from can do the installation for you. Contact a turf management service in order to learn more.