Erosion Problems With Waterfront Property: 4 Tips To Prevent Land Loss With The Right Marine Structures

Loss of land on your waterfront property can be a problem for you, as well as wildlife. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the proper systems in place to protect your property from erosion. Marine structures like seawalls help to stop the problems with erosion, which protects your property and wildlife. The following tips will help you choose the right systems and marine structures to protect your waterfront property: 

Hardscaping and Drainage to Help Keep Soil in Its Place to Protect Your Property  

The first line of defense against erosion is good landscaping design with hardscaping features. Include features like retaining walls in your landscaping that help hold loose soils in place and prevent problems with erosion.  

Good Landscaping Design and Plants That Help to Stabilize Loose Soils on Your Property  

In addition to hardscaping and drainage systems, your choices of plants are also important for erosion control. Use plants, like grasses and vine ground covers, that help stabilize soils and prevent erosion. This is something that is especially important near the waterfront, where land is most vulnerable to problems with erosion. The grass is great because it also provides a filtration barrier for runoff before it goes into the water.  

Revetments That Help Protect Soils and Reduce Problems with Erosion Due to Waves or Boat Traffic 

If your waterfront property has sand, loose soils, waves or a lot of boat traffic, revetments are a good option to prevent erosion. Rock revetments can also help to calm turbulent water that is near your property to prevent problems with erosion. The revetments can also include jetties, which extend into the water to provide calmer areas for things like boat lifts, docks, and piers.  

Seawalls That Help Protect Your Waterfront Property from Erosion with An Attractive Marine Structure  

An attractive option to add marine structures to protect waterfront property is to have a seawall built. Seawalls are retaining walls that are built from below the surface of the water to the top of soils. There are many options of materials to build a seawall, such as stone, larger treated timbers, and masonry materials.  

These are some things that you will want to consider to protect your waterfront property and wildlife from the effects of erosion. If you need seawalls built to stop erosion, contact a marine construction service and talk to them about solutions to prevent the erosion of land on your waterfront property.