Property Maintenance Recommendations To Maintain Value

The condition of your property, which includes the physical structure and your landscaping, has a large impact on your home's equity, which you can retain and build up over time. The more improvements and upkeep you put into your property, the better its value will hold up in the long run, benefiting you if ever you need to sell. The following are some professional and DIY maintenance recommendations to keep your property in working condition and exceptional quality.

Complete Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Your home's roof and gutter make up an important part to your home's interior protection and moisture drainage around the foundation. When any part of your roof and gutters are not kept up, they can allow water to seep down through the roofing materials into the attic, or spill over the gutters and onto the soil around your home's foundation, causing saturation and interior moisture seepage.

Your roofing shingles can collect moss growth and other organic materials that break down the shingle material, resulting in a failure of the roof barrier. When you live in a climate that has excess moisture that causes roof growths of moss, mold, and mildew, be sure to have your roof professionally cleaned. Your roof professional will use a pressure washer on a gentle spray to wash off any growths that will break down the structure of your shingles.

Your home can also benefit from cleaning out its gutters with regular removal of leaves, twigs, and dirt. This is also something you can hire out with a professional gutter cleaner service. With a pressure washer, your service professional will remove the debris and any layered hard build-up that can form as leaves become wet and are compacted into the bottom of your gutters. Be sure to follow up with regular gutter cleaning every few months or a few times each year, depending on the trees in your yard and the amount of accumulation

Clean and Repair Concrete

Your concrete driveway, walkway, and patio all are at risk of staining from vehicle leaks and rusted metal, and damage from age and freeze thaw patterns. However, keep your concrete clean of stains by treating vehicle fluid stains as soon as possible and remove them with a grease-fighting cleaner.

You can also look for a concrete cleaning solution, which you can apply with a long handled brush and some water. If you have a pressure washer, you can use this and a tip with a concentrated spray to remove debris and some staining. When there is any surface cracking or pitting, you can apply a concrete repair mixture to the surface of the concrete, smooth it, and allow it to harden and cure to restore the surface.