Recommendations To Care For Your Lawn With Good Mowing Tips

Winter may be all around you with snow and ice on your front yard and lawn, but within a few months, your lawn will come out of dormancy and begin to grow in the spring. Be sure you are ready to mow your lawn properly to give it the best chance at full health this year to keep your yard landscaping looking awesome. Here are some recommendations for you to follow and use to care for your lawn with healthy and regular mowing patterns.

Follow Trimming Guidelines

One of the most important rules you can follow when you mow your lawn is to be careful with the amount of lawn blade length you trim off each time. Only trim off no more than one-third of your lawn's health. If your lawn has grown for several weeks without a mow, then, you will need to trim it down to its appropriate height with daily mowing to only remove one-third of the blade length each day until you get the length of the lawn to an appropriate one.

The length that you maintain your lawn at is also important because you don't want to keep the lawn blades too short, but instead, let them grow a bit longer. A healthy lawn is one that is not scalped too short that the roots of the lawn show through because this can cause several types of problems with your lawn's growth. Within the lawn blades is where the plant turns sunlight into food through photosynthesis, so if you trim off a majority of the blade or all of it, your lawn will not be able to produce appropriate food for its sustained life and health.

And in addition to having a dry and prickly lawn if you cut it too short, your lawn will also be thinner and weeds can easily take root in the lawn. A long and thick lawn plant will grow thickly with each regular trimming, so this process will prevent weed growth within your lawn. It will also help shade the soil and keep more moisture within to reduce your lawn's watering needs.

Use the Right Mowing Technique

The manner in which you physically mow your lawn is going to make an impact as well. Be sure your mower's blades are kept sharp with regular maintenance and they are installed correctly so the cutting blades are trimming your lawn instead of the blade's back end. 

Don't mow your lawn during the heat of the day to reduce stress to your lawn. Instead, mow in the evening when your lawn won't have moisture within it from overnight dew. The lawn clippings won't have the chance to clump together and you can let them fall back down into your lawn for added nutrients.

To learn more, contact a lawn mowing service to learn more.