Attractive And Useful Landscaping Options To Update Your Yard’s Hardscaping

Your yard's landscaping design needs to have a good balance of vegetation and hardscape areas, which provide lush attractive shrubbery and durable surfaces in the construction of a backyard deck, patio, or landscaping border materials. But when you choose to add in landscape hardscaping, be sure you choose the right type and install it properly for successful usage. Here are some tips to help you install the right hardscaping in your backyard landscaping design.

Edge With Hardscaping

Your yard is going to have a variety of edges between one landscaping area and another, such as between your lawn and driveway or between your bedding areas and your walkway. You will want to keep these areas separate and also manage the materials in these areas to avoid scattering of ground covering or lawn growing into your bedding areas, as an example. To help you do so, you can install landscape edging materials as a hardscape material. You can choose from concrete curbing, brick line edging, wooden railroad ties as a border, or a small metal fence as a separation between your garden and the lawn.

Choose Decorative and Green Materials

When you are adding in solid surfaces of nonorganic materials to balance out the vegetation in your yard, there are many you can choose from. However, if you are adding in a paving surface, you will want to add in a stone or rock that will remain in place and blend in well with the surrounding areas.

For example, permeable pavers that are set into the ground and surrounded by fine, crushed gravel will give you paving that will also allow for drainage of precipitation and sprinkler runoff. This is a beneficial paving as it allows water to seep back into your yard's soil instead of running down into the storm drains. Or you can lay down a covering of gravel at a depth of several inches that you can compact into place. This gravel covering will prevent mud and dust problems and also allow for good drainage and avoid standing water.

Add in a Patio

A patio makes a great feature you can add to your yard's landscaping, and you can choose from a variety of surface materials. For example, you can choose a concrete patio or update its surface with a stamped pattern of brickwork, cobblestones, or flagstone. Each of these patterns will mimic the look and feel of a stone-installed surface.

However, you can also choose to install a stonework patio yourself. Be sure you install a layer of sand as a base material, then level it so you can set your paving stones onto the sand. Finish the project by filling the cracks between your stones with additional sand to set the stones in place and keep the area draining well.

Contact a hardscape contractor in your area to learn more.