Two Sneaky Reasons Your Home’s Landscaping Is Dehydrating Faster Than It Should

You spend a lot of time and money creating a landscape that is green, pristine, and healthy, but if you don't have an adequate amount of moisture content in the soil surrounding your home, all your efforts will just be moot. While your first inclination as a homeowner who has dehydrated landscape will be just to contact the nearest residential irrigation expert you can find, it is always a good idea to understand why your landscape is dehydrating at an alarming rate. Read More 

Ideas For Improving The Look Of Your Patio Or Sidewalk Hardscapes

Are you looking for a way to make your paths and patios a more decorative part of your backyard design? These surfaces, collectively known as the hardscapes, are just as important as the plants and water features when it comes to your landscaping. The following are just a few ideas to take them from plain to amazing. Idea #1: Skip the concrete Concrete patio pads and sidewalks are the builder's grade option for more homes. Read More 

Picking A Privacy Shrub Based On Your Family’s Needs

If you want to increase the privacy of your home without putting up a fence reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, then planting some dense, fast-growing shrubs and trees is for you. This mode of action gives you all the privacy of a fence, doesn't alienate your neighbors, and serves to beautify your yard with some fresh new greenery. Here are the five best shrubs and trees to plant if you want some extra beauty and privacy in your yard, each with a distinct characteristic or two to separate it from the pack. Read More 

Three Steps To Preparing Your Yard For Hydroseeding

You're tired of your patchy, weed-filled front lawn and you're ready to do something about it. But sprinkling on a little grass seed has had spotty results in the past, and rolling on brand-new sod is a little out of your price range.  You've heard about hydroseeding, the process of spraying on grass seed combined with a fertilizer and mulch, and you think it might be a good solution for you. Read More 

Five Quick Tips For Better Lawn Mowing

Is your lawn looking a bit dull and brown, even though you're sure it is getting enough water? Maybe certain areas are looking a bit shaggy while others are too short. By improving on your lawn mowing strategy with these five quick tips, you can solve these common problems and more.    Trim to the right length for your type of grass. If you have cool season grass (which is common in the northern US), you should be trimming your grass to about 2 inches in length. Read More