Identifying A Slow Leak In Your Yard’s Lawn Sprinkler System

It's easy to figure out when your sprinkler system has a significant leak: there's flooding. But what if you suspect that there's a slow leak? This can occur if you've noticed that your water usage is slowly creeping up but you're not really certain why. Apart from slowly inspecting every single aspect of your sprinkler system, there are a few indicators that can help. Determining Whether Your Sprinkler is the Culprit Read More 

Ways Landscaping Companies Can Transform Your Backyard

One great thing about being a homeowner is your ability to customize anything about your home. If you are thinking about renovating the backyard area, getting help from a landscaping company is a good idea. These companies offer many useful services, including the following: Stump Removal Having tree stumps in the backyard can be stressful, as they create eyesores that can interrupt the aesthetics. These stumps can be removed safely and quickly when you get help from a landscaping company. Read More 

Should You Get A Sprinkler System Or Drip Irritation System For Your Garden Bed?

When it comes to watering your garden beds, you have two main choices: sprinklers or drip irrigation. Sprinklers apply water from over top of the plants, while drip irrigation applies water directly to the soil. Which one is best for your garden? Read on to explore the pros and cons of both, and then make an informed decision. Sprinkler Systems Pros Sprinkler systems are easy to find at most local garden stores. Read More 

Creative Ways To Add A Wall To Your Landscape

Does your yard require a retaining wall? Perhaps you're looking for a hardscape update to your garden. A wall in your garden can be an attractive feature that enhances the overall beauty of your landscaping. Herb Garden An herb garden is typically small, and it can get lost in your general landscaping. If you add the hardscape feature of a small wall to encompass the herb garden, though, you have a mini garden focal point. Read More 

3 Types Of Rock To Incorporate In Your Landscape Design

Many home owners take a significant amount of pride in the appearance of their yard. Since your yard gives guests the opportunity to preview your design preferences, a well-thought-out landscape design is a must. When it comes to creating unique landscapes, incorporating rock into your design can be a great idea. Here are three types of rock you should consider including in your landscape design in the future. 1. River Rock Read More