Creative Ways To Add A Wall To Your Landscape

Does your yard require a retaining wall? Perhaps you're looking for a hardscape update to your garden. A wall in your garden can be an attractive feature that enhances the overall beauty of your landscaping. Herb Garden An herb garden is typically small, and it can get lost in your general landscaping. If you add the hardscape feature of a small wall to encompass the herb garden, though, you have a mini garden focal point. Read More 

3 Types Of Rock To Incorporate In Your Landscape Design

Many home owners take a significant amount of pride in the appearance of their yard. Since your yard gives guests the opportunity to preview your design preferences, a well-thought-out landscape design is a must. When it comes to creating unique landscapes, incorporating rock into your design can be a great idea. Here are three types of rock you should consider including in your landscape design in the future. 1. River Rock Read More 

Eating Chicken For Lunch? Use The Bones To Fertilize Blueberries!

Having blueberries in your backyard not only provides a healthy snack or meal side dish, but the plants also provide a colorful addition to your backyard landscape. Taking care of blueberries requires that they get enough sun, water and fertilizer. It's important not to fertilize blueberries too much, however, because they can die. Blueberries love bone meal fertilizer, and this guide explains how to make your own fertilizer with leftover chicken bones from your lunch. Read More 

How To Clean Up Your Home’s Exterior In Spring (And Save Work In The Summer)

Cleaning up your yard after the last gasps of winter might seem like a full load -- after all, you have to focus on making sure that everything looks good for the picnics and parties that the warmer months bring -- but you might want to keep an eye on the future when you're revving up the protesting lawn mower and cleaning out the gutters. If you're looking for a way to get your home ready for spring and to save some work in the summer at the same time, then here are a few tips to get everything looking good -- and staying that way. Read More 

Stay Engaged In Your Work And Enhance Society - Uncommon Career Paths For Civil Engineers

The most important structures of society are designed by people with specialized training who have both the skills and the passion to use their knowledge to develop unique, modern structures. However, if you're a civil engineer who is frustrated in your field and looking to escape the construction world, you should be aware that you have more options than you realize. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the uncommon career options available in the field of civil engineering. Read More