Three Steps To Preparing Your Yard For Hydroseeding

You're tired of your patchy, weed-filled front lawn and you're ready to do something about it. But sprinkling on a little grass seed has had spotty results in the past, and rolling on brand-new sod is a little out of your price range.  You've heard about hydroseeding, the process of spraying on grass seed combined with a fertilizer and mulch, and you think it might be a good solution for you. Read More 

Five Quick Tips For Better Lawn Mowing

Is your lawn looking a bit dull and brown, even though you're sure it is getting enough water? Maybe certain areas are looking a bit shaggy while others are too short. By improving on your lawn mowing strategy with these five quick tips, you can solve these common problems and more.    Trim to the right length for your type of grass. If you have cool season grass (which is common in the northern US), you should be trimming your grass to about 2 inches in length. Read More 

Design A Garden As An Outdoor Retreat

Your backyard should be more than the backside of your house. Properties typically include more land area behind the house than in front, providing the perfect space for creating an inviting landscape. Your garden retreat should also be pleasing at different times of the day and even year. Design a garden that provides a year-round getaway literally in your own backyard. Privacy Plants The first consideration for your backyard retreat is getting some privacy. Read More 

5 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value With Landscaping

Landscaping is such an important part of the look of your home because it creates a first impression for visitors. For this reason, good landscaping is never more important than when you're selling your home. Having attractive landscaping won't only look good to potential buyers; it can actually add value to your home. If you're selling your home or are thinking of selling it, you might be wondering what your landscaping should look like to attract buyers. Read More 

5 Tips For Lawn Care During A Drought

You may be wondering if it's possible to maintain a green lawn responsibly during a drought. Although it's possible to keep your lawn acceptably green during a moderate drought, you may not want to strive to keep it as lush and green as a golf course. The following tips can help keep your lawn healthy while still conserving water. Tip #1: Slow Down With the Fertilizer Fertilizer provides lawns with necessary nutrients, but a sharp increase in nutrients can encourage a growth spurt. Read More