Have You Been Told To Add Lime To Your Yard? You May Have Unstable Soil

If you were about to start a landscaping project in your yard but were told to add lime to the soil, even though you aren't planting anything, you might want to listen to that advice. Many homeowners think that adding lime to the soil is purely for amending the acidity to make the soil more hospitable to certain plants. People don't often know that lime is a prime source of stabilizing material for unstable soils. Read More 

Buying Great Plants At The Garden Center

The great thing about garden centers is that they not only sell gardening tools and equipment but also plants. Visiting a garden center is a great way to find plants for your landscape, but there are a few guidelines you should follow in order to find the best plants.  Look for plants that are not yet flowering. Yes, the plants that are already flowering look the best right now. However, if you take these plants home and put them in the ground, they will probably be done flowering soon, and then you'll be left with plain, green plants in your garden. Read More 

Guide to Tree Removal Services

Trees enhance the beauty of your property, and they increase the financial value of your home if you decide to sell your home in the future. Trees possess essential elements that provide aesthetic benefits to your property, but they also, unfortunately, attract insect species that destroy tree trunks, roots, and branches. There are differing unhealthy tree conditions that can arise. When this happens, you can greatly benefit from using the services of a tree removal contractor to remove dead or hazardous trees on your property. Read More 

Recommendations to Improve Your Yard’s Condition and Appearance

Your yard can add a big improvement to your property, especially the more well-maintained its landscaping is. As a homeowner, you have some choices with your landscaping and you can handle it all on your own or hire a landscaping professional to help you get it where you want it to be and keep it maintained. Here are some tips and additions you can use in your landscaping to help you improve your yard's appearance, condition, and health. Read More 

3 Ideas For Adding A Vegetable Garden To A Desert Yard

When you live in a desert, having a garden may seem impossible, but it can be a fantastic way to enjoy spending time outdoors and have fresh vegetables to incorporate into your cooking. If you're eager to have a garden put in, but are hesitant due to the desert climate you live in, it's such a good idea to include a few projects that can make a difference in how well the garden thrives. Read More